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This is not what full time looks like

If you were unaware, most times when I am not streaming, I am working one of two other jobs. My cool job is the comic book store, and my bill-paying job is a dumb DMV office job I work at with my mom.

Recently my dad, unemployed because of carpal tunnel surgery, started taking interest in the business. Which basically means my nice job, where I could get into work around 11, leave when my work is done, and bring my puppy, turned into some stressful businessy workplace, where I got in trouble for being on Twitter and couldn't take breaks for Starbucks. It's hard to understand, but these changes turned something I was comfortable with into a stressor. Especially when the words "run the business when your mom retires" came up.

I had been streaming for over a year, and it was starting to actually think I could support myself streaming. All I want to do all the time is Twitch-related. I'm either streaming, in other streams, talking about streaming, or thinking about the things I could be doing- all the things I don't have time for. My income from streaming had actually surpassed my income from my office job- I was starting to think being a full time streamer was a realistic goal.

So when they changed my work environment and asked me to commit to maybe staying there forever... I balked. I told them I would only stay as long as it took them to find someone to replace me. And they have.

I don't want to say I'm streaming full time, because I don't want anyone to feel the responsibility of providing my income. Besides, I'll still be working at the comic book store, and I'll still be filling in when mom needs me.

Very simply put, I will have more time to expand my stream content! More time with you! I have so many things I've been wanting to do, and now we can work on doing them! Earlier streams, cooking and baking streams, multi streams! JUST ALL THE STREAMS.

I hope you all are as excited as I am for the future of the channel! We've been growing so quickly, and thanks to some generous support at the start of the year, I have enough savings to give this the ole college try for a few months. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. I don't want to pressure myself or make streaming something that is stressful for me. I just want to do what I love, and that's what your generosity has allowed me to do. So thank you. I really hope that the changes moving forward are all good ones, and I can't wait to share this next adventure with you!

And special thanks to all my gamewisp subs! Your support means the world to me, and helped making this next step so much easier. <3

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