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Stream Updates!

HeyGuys! I just wanted to thank you all for standing by me for almost two months, and welcome all the new subs! Thank you so much for being a part of our community, for all your support on stream and off!

The support was mind blowing when we first got partnered and I want to continue moving forward! Our next sub goal is 500 subs & 5 new emotes! To reward you all for the insane support in the past and help us make the push to 500 subs, I will be doing a giveaway of either a PS4 or Xbox One! Our first goal is to get to 500 subs before I leave for E3 (June 14th)! *FINGERS CROSSED*

** Coming Soon **

Starting this Saturday May 21st, I will be raising money for St Jude! We are participating, like so many other streamers, in the #StJudePLAYLIVE fundraising campaign, and I hope some of you are able to contribute to the cause! My NieceJay is gonna kick things off with us streaming Disney games (she’s three and adorable)!

To donate, go to:

** New Stream Partners **

~ DoubleJumpCoffee & TeeSpring

IT’S FINALLY HERE! We tasted some amazing coffee, we commissioned some amazing art (by AustenMarie, go LOVE HER) and now they are coming together in perfect, beautiful harmony with an ongoing coffee roast from Double Jump Coffee and a limited edition Twitch exclusive shirt (or hoodie) from TeeSpring! OR BOTH! The coffee will be a different roast every month, and be sure to check out the roasts from other Double Jump partners!

Teespring Campaign:

Double Jump: or @DoubleJumpCoffe


~ Lootcrate & Level Up

We are now partnered with Lootcrate & Level Up! I have been getting lootcrates since the December Galaxy crate and I am really enjoying getting a nerdy surprise in the mail every month! Level Up has four subscription choices: Socks, Tees, Wearables (think hoodies and pajama pants) & Loot for Her (accessories, bags, jewelry). I actually haven’t gotten this crate before, so I’m looking forward to what they send in June!

Check it out here:

~ Altex

Another new partner we have is Altex Computers! We met these fellas at PAX East, and they are going to be building a brand new Bluejay themed computer for streaming! You can check out some of their other builds at and see the sort of SWAG we are going to unlock! Custom cables, custom closed loop water cooling, and some really great hardware are going into this PC, and I can’t wait!

Once the build is locked in, we will have a discount code to use on the site, but for now, all we can do is DROOL.

Check out some of their incredible builds & what they’ve been up to at cons on their twitter @AltexComputers

And websites here: &

** Don’t Forget **

~ DesignbyHumans

Don’t forget we still have our Design by Humans shop! These tees are NOT limited time only like the Teespring ones. We only have two logo designs available now but will be adding more as time goes on. Check it out here:

~ Astro Gaming

Our first stream partner, Astro has been allowing us to do awesome headset giveaways every month since November 2015! They are incredible people and make some damn fine headsets, so check them out here and get 5% off:

~ Discord

Our community discord needs some fresh blood! Come chat with us and add to the #dad_jokes

~ Gamewisp

LINK your Twitch account to GameWisp to get some of your sub perks! You can also check out the higher levels of support and the rewards offered (like cookies. And songs. And me procrastinating on everything forever):


For those of you that stuck around for all the #sellout stream updates, thank you! Thank you for supporting me, for caring about the different directions we are going! The channel is spreading its wings and I can’t wait to see what direction it goes in! There are so many incredible communities on Twitch and I am lucky to count us among them.

See you on stream!

Love, Bluejay

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