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It isn't often in one's life that you have moments that truly humble you. Yes yes, sub button, yes, big party. I think we've gone over how intensely shocked and grateful I am for everything that's happened this week, and I don't want to go on and on about it, or I'll seem like I'm bragging!

I just need to say this- The number of you that saw that button, and, without a second thought, subbed for six months-- That is Special. I know that we've been here, slogging away, for more than a year, and we know and care about each other. But to think that someone can, without a doubt, know that they will want me to be a part of their life, even a small part, for half a year to come, and maybe longer after that- it brings me almost to tears.

I love streaming. It's been crazy how suddenly and easily my priorities shifted. I went from being somewhat aimless to having purpose and drive. I try to be entertaining, but I don't watch myself stream. I can't help but think that I'm not really that remarkable. I've lived with me my whole life, and there's really not much going on here. I like people. I like sci-fi. I like comics. I like stories. I like to feel things. I'm the kinda person who likes it when I watch a movie that makes me cry, because I wanted to feel moved.

You have moved me. That you would chose to watch me be terrible at video games for a little over a year, that you would know immediately that you wanted to do so for half a year more- it's humbling. I don't know what to say. Thank you. See you tomorrow.

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