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So we're doing this then?

I'm a Twitch Partner.

It's kinda weird to think about. Because streaming still feels the same. "Full time" was such a huge change, in terms of my life and my schedule, and in comparison, partnership hasn't altered much. I still have to figure out what to stream every day. I still wanna play all the Stardew. My dashboard is a lot more confusing and now I get to worry about losing subs but in general, aside from the crying, we're still doing the same things.

I definitely want to make changes, but these changes are more to do with going full time than they are with being partnered. I want to play more multiplayer games, or games that involve chat. I want to do more dual streams, and expand our flock to include other streamers/communities in a more active way.

What I don't want to do is start reserving all the perks in chat for subscribers. I appreciate anyone who chooses to support the stream financially, of course. This is how I make my living, by the generosity of donators and subscribers. People who support me don't do it for the perks. They don't need a badge, emotes, or my snapchat to feel like subscribing is worth it. So for now, there is no sub-only mode. There is no sub-only discord. There are no sub-only games. And the only ads we have are for giggles. Its not worth it to me to alienate anyone simply because they don't have $5 or more a month to give me.

That being said, your support is everything, and that's one of the reasons Gamewisp is so important to me. We have way more $5 subs on Twitch than we had on Gamewisp originally, but having done the math, even 250 Twitch subs can't make up for the entirety of my Gamewisp income. I encourage you to reassess the amount of support you give there, especially since I have cancelled all subs at the $5 level. I understand if you decide to cancel your Gamewisp subs, especially for people at the lower tiers. I would never ever want anyone to put themselves in bind, financially, just to support me. You are the most important thing in your life, and you must take care of yourself first. OR ELSE.

I am slightly terrified of the second month drop in subs we are no doubt going to have. I mean, 250 subs is crazy, and I know for a fact that some of those were alternate accounts, or just because of the 1st day sub button hype, or because Renee peer pressured everyone. I was expecting maybe 100. I was completely blown away. I don't even know what goals to make! 500 subs is frankly unthinkable, and I don't see it happening for a long long time. As much as I love you all, you are nuts if you think that's something that is immediately attainable. We have a lot of work to do before we get to that point.

I would appreciate any suggestions you have in terms of cool things to do to involve chat, cool things to do when we hit sub or follower goals, and etc. NO 24 HR STREAMS. Thanks for everything you do. You nerds brighten my every day.

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